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Scratch built - stairs from foam

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I already owned some SKaledale stairs suitable for joint different levels, they had originally sold for circa 7 pounds uk but were trading on evil bay for 26 pounds uk! Far too rich, I looked around others were available but nothing took my fancy, so I thought if I can make scenery I can make stairs, and looked for a suitable piece of insulation foam

It was so quick from concept to. manufacture I did not even record it, the foam a scalpel a knife a metal ruler all dne by eye, measuring would have made a better product but it was good enough
then I set about colouring it, a thinned watery grey
Rectangle Wall Art Snow Geological phenomenon

Road surface Asphalt Snow Slope Sidewalk

Rectangle Grey Road surface Asphalt Tints and shades

Plant Sky Cloud Land lot Natural landscape

checked ethe impression from different angles
Wood Floor Rectangle Composite material Gas

Cloud Plant Sky Building Window

then greened up the surrounding area
Vegetation Land lot Natural landscape Agriculture Grass

added a little to the stairthemselves
Road surface Vegetation Land lot Grass Groundcover

Plant Road surface Vegetation Land lot Natural landscape

Window Nature Cloud Sky Highland

quick and simple
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That looks great! Nice work.
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