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QUOTE (Robert Stokes @ 4 Jun 2008, 12:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If you can build in a central operating well, then I would say do so. As I was explaining to someone else on here only a few days ago, it has two big advantages.

1. Trains going round behind you are much more realistic than having them circlng in front of you. They appear to actually go somewhere, as with the real thing. You can stop a train behind you, and bring another one on before the original one reappears later.

2. Carriages and wagons will close up as they go round curves if watched from the inside. Watched from the outside, they open up, and on small radius curves, the gaps can be so large that they look awful.

I said above a central operating well, but it does not have to be symmetrically central. There is some advantage in having more on one side where you can site a station and less on the otherside for just plain track or hidden storage sidings. In OO gauge you can get six parallel storage sidings inside a foot of width, even seven if you are careful.

Good luck with the project, Robert.

Robert, (and capt') This layout with the central operating well is from the soul of the railway switch man. You have your own control room and can be very realistic.

I had a similar layout in my attic until (we) got pregnant and we had to fix it up as a spare room. My locos and carriages now 'live' in my workshop drawers and I have been adding to the collection. No permanent layout for a while.

Today is one day overdue (for baby) and long overdue for a new home for my layout

get building and consider the central well

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