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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 27 Nov 2007, 09:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>in theory n gauge loco'c can be chipped for DCC. and it has been done. But generally it is very fidelly work and finding space for the decoder can be very difficult if not impossible.

but there are many n gauge loco's that come DCC ready. so they wouldnt be a problem. as far as i know, the only brittish outline loco that comes DCC ready is the Peco collet loco -and it aint cheap!.

The Collett is the only one that comes ready fitted with a decoder but all Farish and Dapol locos launched new in the last 18 months or so are DCC ready. Dapol have a 6-pin socket but with Farish you have to solder wires to the PCB which is a little fiddly. Future models from both suppliers are likely to have sockets. Older models (including re-releases in new liveries) will be more difficult to fit with decoders. For more detail please ask here or look at their websites.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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