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I havnt used the Seep PM1 point motor, (i presume from gaugemaster) but use the PM2 on code 55 electrofrog peco points after all the points contain a spring already to give a positive change over in polarity, they have a limited travel and trial is needed i wire up to single pole double throw sprung switches while holding the point motor in place adjusting the throw of the motor until i am happy with it, then fix in positon and try with a loco for contact either side of the point.
I have found them to work fine.


QUOTE (Walter @ 23 Jan 2008, 19:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi,

I was just experimenting with an N gauge Peco electrofrog points and Seep PM1 point motor.

Has anyone else successfully used this combination to use the auxiliary switch on the seep motor to change frog polarity?

With a throw of just under 3 mm, how reliable is the sliding contact underneath the seep? Seems like very careful lining up is in order, to say the least...


1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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