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Seep PM4 Self Latching Point Motor Problem

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We are having problems getting the above Seep point motor to throw successfully a Code 55 double slip. When the point motor is off the layout it fires fine (after a bit of lubrication) but as soon as it is attached to the slip it wont fire enough to change the slip.

Power is being provided temporarily by the uncontrolled output from a HM2000 controller.

Any hints or tips as to why it wont fire on the layout? We have 4 of these to get working and it is getting a bit frustrating at this time of the morning

Thanks in advance

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*** Hi

Yes, its simple. The Seep point motor has a coil impedance of 3.75 ohms. That means at 15 volts, it needs a momentary peak of 4 amps.

The uncontrolled output of an H&M 2000 is simply not powerful enough to do the job properly.

Two simple suggestions.

Find an unused laptop computer power supply and use that. It will give appx 18 volts DC at about 5 amps. It should work perfectly (cut off the plug that usually goes into the Laptop, the two wires can then be used for the point motor)

Buy a Capacitor discharge unit. This stores power and releases it as a burst when needed. It can be connected to the H&M

A third possibility: If you want added functionality and added panel lights, use MASTERswitch. If you so a search, you will find several MRF threads explaining it and its advantages/uses (You will still need a good solid power supply as per the laptop etc). Many of the list members use this product.

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I can vouch for the merits of the Masterswitch.

For a double slip you will need the Masterswitch Plus which is capable of throwing up to 4 Seep point motors simultaneously. I'm using them in a similar situation on two scissor crossings and they make the wiring a lot simpler, plus they control the indicator lights on my control panel.
Thanks for the replies guys - we did think it was a lack of power but didn't have anything else to hand at the time.

The HM2000 is just being used for testing - the layout is a DCC one, but we test the point motors by manually firing them by touching the wires of the output to make sure everything is working fine.

As the points are going to be DCC operated, can anyone recommend a suitable accessory decoder? We have 1 LS150 at the moment but need more and want to make sure we don't end up with a problem.

Thanks in advance

If the motor itself "latches" then remove the Peco centering springs - they take a lot of force to overcome.
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