I am rationalising my collection; basically selling a lot of 00 pristine rolling stock that has never been run. There are some locos as well, a few sound fitted but not many.

It was bought with a grand layout plan in mind that would encompass the 1950's to 1980's, mostly eastern region but BR stock could run anywhere. I am retaining the specific East Anglian locos I possess for use on my Fornham Road depot layout which is the only part of West Suffolk dream that has survived. I need to clear space to make my H0 and 00 layouts a reality.

My question is, should I offer items for sale at sensible prices on this forum or sell the complete lot to Hattons or Rails? Perhaps one way would be to make a full list that MRF members could cherry pick and bundle up the rest to the Liverpool or Sheffield retailers.

Best regards ..................... Greyvoices (alias John)