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Well,not from a seller,but I've had buyers 'trying it on' -claiming that a loco didn't work and demanding a refund!

One that springs to mind was a similar situation to Gary's in that one of the trailing bogie wheelsets had been turned around causing it to short when on the track.
I'd personally serviced the loco and made sure it was working perfectly the day before,so I knew exactly what condition it was in when I sold it..

IIRC [It was some time ago now] He buys it on one day at a model railway exhibition,and then brings it back the next day saying:

"Ere mate,this train*you sold me don't go!,-I want me money back!"

* always a bad sign this,-someone refering to a loco as a 'train'!

Anyway,I look at it,and immediately spot what the problem is, and say:

"Well of course it wont work,-you've been messing around with it,-haven't you?

"Nah,'aven't touched it,-put it on the track and it didn't go"

"Well,-if you didn't,-then someone has,it wasn't like that when I sold it to you-look!

At this point,I unclipped the bogie from the chassis and removed the block and wheels,showing him,-I then put them back the correct way round and re-assembled the loco..

"There you are,-nothing wrong with it now,-fixed!"

I hand the loco back,and he still adamant that he hasn't messed with it,-although I know he has..but he's still trying it on...

"Right,-you say you haven't touched it,-but put it this way,-I checked that loco myself and I know for a FACT that it was okay when you bought it,-and it's DEFINATELY been messed with before you brought it back,-so if wasn't you,-maybe it was the fairies...

With that,he went quiet and slunk off, he knew he'd been rumbled..and no,he didn't get his money back....

By this time there were a few bemused onlookers amongst the other customers who had seen what was going on...[and who agreed with me..

Thankfully,it's only very rarely that you encounter a
like that!

If he'd have been genuine I would have given a refund,or sorted it out one way or another,-but he wasn't,-so he got short shrift..

Honestly,-do these
think we were born yesterday
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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