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Selling engines..

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Hi everyone. I have a tricky one here, so I thought I'd ask the question. I have a Mainline 4MT, 75006, which I want to sell. Here is the problem though. The body of the engine has a glue spot, and someone has stuck a small screw in in place of a missing safety valve! (I only noticed this a few days ago, and I've owned it for ages!). I wanted to see whether you thought I might do better to effectively forget that the body exists, and sell it as a working chassis, and a separate tender. I don't like breaking locos up, as I think they can always be a fun project for someone, but for once I really need to make as much as I can on it. Anyone had more success selling parts than whole models? All advice gratefully received.

P.S. yes, it is a Mainline chassis that still works! There had to be one!
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Offer it both complete and as components as soon as possible, and quickly take whatever best offer(s) you get. Bachmann already have an all-new model of the type out, and it seems Hornby still intend to bring out their all-new model (which in previews is very well detailed and finished) so it is going to be up against two hot new goodies. Those who remember the duplicate Royal Scots available during the economic downturn of the 1980's will recall how low the prices dropped on those.
Thanks for the advice! I know she is not worth nearly as much as the newer versions, no unrealistic expectations here! I simply am thinking in terms of maximising what value she still has. I see someone put one on fleabay today with a buy-it-now price of about £60! I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off the chair....
Well, you learn something new every day! I've just sold it privately to a friend of mine who has been looking for one for ages, but hadn't thought to ask me! It's a small world....
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