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A pretty strong looking layout list , if I may say so. Bradford City Rd appeared in the last RM , and I think is making one of its first show appearances , Brockley Green is an excellent 3rd rail layout from the people who brought us Chessington Chalk Lane (and quite a lot of other good modern image layouts too)

Flockburgh , a small 3mm scale finescale terminus is very good as well, and progress on the home club's GC main line project (replacement for the old Tebay) should be interesting.

I've been to Shipley show once , and it was a good medium sized show with trade support. But it does mean quite a lot of climbing stairs as some of it's on the 3rd floor... It's walkable from Shipley station

But if you're going to Shipley you won't get to Woking 'cos they're the same weekend and 200 miles apart... Both are decent sized shows with a good reputation and unfortuately I won't be going to either.... I'm otherwise engaged next weekend

Anyway hope you have a good show...
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