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Shipley Model Railway Show

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Shipley MRS is coming up and I am wondering who will be attending this excellant show?
Railways Booked to appear are

Asenby St Peter 7mm Col Stephens type Peter Simmerson
Bradford City Road 4mm OO 1970-75 Bradford Neale Burrows
Brockley Green 4mm EM 1960s Southern Region John A Wass
Duke Street 4mm EM 1970s West Yorkshire Neil Armitage
Flockburgh 3mm English-Scottish border early 1960s Brian Parker
Flyde North 4mm OO DCC Demonstration Shipley MRS
Leicester South 4mm OO finescale Under construction Shipley MRS
Midsomer Norton 2mm Alan Smith
Moorton Bottom Yard OO9 England Paul Windle
North Hetton Colliery 1:32 gauge 1 NER Jack Burnard
Oakwell Central EM Mid 1930s E.Mids LNER ex-GNR David Woodward
Osgiliath 4mm OO finescale BR 1969-1972 Richard Scott
Solway Tramway OO featuring the new second phase extension Ian Blenkinsop
Stainmore Summit EM NER Mid 1950s Richard Nice
Whitham Town OO Northern England John Whittaker
Woods Sidings N US

Also Plenty of trade support will be provided as usual.
For more information look at
Shipley MRS
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Hope everyone who visited the show enjoyed it. Unfortunately the van transporting the 3mm layout Flockburgh to the show was involved in an accident on the M42 and the EM layout Stormy on Tess was rushed to the show as a late replacement. Solway Sands was unable to attend due to family illness, as neither was the trader Sign of the Times. Ten Commandments expandable stand filled the trade gap while Sodham Hall was relocated to the ground floor, unfortunately it was too late to get an correcting insert for the programmes. I did manage to update the web site with the revised details as I gradually became aware of them (well Friday night, Saturday morning as the show was opening and again in the evening).

The award for the best building went to the GNR goods shed on Oakwell Central, Stainmore Summit took the visitors best layout award, while Bradford City Road got both the club members best layout award (by one point) and the award for the layout with the best atmosphere.

Operationally the DCC powered Fleminsberg Junction demo layout suffered a failed command station on the Saturday when emergency repairs with a soldering iron were undertaken while the DCC power was still on the track. (Tip for anyone with DCC, switch off before picking up the soldering iron). Thankfully it turned out to be a protective trip on the command station as it was fully functional on Sunday. More panic arrived for the demo crew on Sunday when one visitor observed that a smoke unit had fitted to one diesel - it hadn't and turned out to be a failed motor as opposed to DCC chip.
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