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In what scale did you want them? N or 00

00 - Bachmann do the EWS Container wagons with containers on them. they also do the containers seperatly. hattons have the seperate conainers on offer at the moment. Hornby do the Freightliner ones but they are an old tooling and it does show.

N - Farish are doing the same in N as the Bachmann 00 ones. Dapol are doing the ones used by DRS and GBRf (?) and Freightliner (?) and extra conatiners. the dapol ones are due 4th quarter, and god only knows when the Farish ones will be released.

there is also a company called C-Rail ( they have kits for both N and 00 containers

Hope this helps

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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