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shops in the midlands

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i live just south of birmingham and was wondering if there any good shops in the area for american ho? i no of a number of good shops for british outline. thanks for any help andy
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You could try - they have lists of model shops and their specialities; I'm not an HO or American modeller so have no experience myself of trying to get such models.

John Webb
You might like to try Castle trains in Warwick or check out his web site
Hi, I model US HO and have used HobbyRail in Sutton Coldfield - Address in UKmodelshops as per previous reply.
He used to keep some Athearn & Atlas and probably still does as well as TCS decoders & Peco code 83.
Regards, Colin
When I lived in Bromsgrove i found that I could be in Totally Trains in Ross on Wye in 40 minutes that have a huge section of American HO from most of the large manufacturers.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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