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Show Your Latest Purchase In Ho International

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Hi Just Received These from MSL today the SBB Die Post wagons are Really Nice More Die Post wagons to Follow In Week50/51. Babs

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David Thank you for your reply, they have alway's been my tipping point as everytime i have looked at them they have been in Sets abd Mega Euro's so i have stayed away.
I am glad you like them and the cost suits you.
Regarding the latest Double Deckers SBB from ROCO i have not even looked at them or the price I do have 2 Sets of the IC2000 and yes the price was mega good and i do not need any further Double Deckers.
The only Ho Gauge pax rolling stock i have bought from Switzerland is a couple of Sets of the Bls silver and lime green & of course the Biscuit Train.
I have just received the replacement Ludmilla's from MSL I took two Piko Expert versions with sound instead of replacing the BRAWA versions after finding the dreaded Rot.
Alex That is truely Eye watering I did not know They actualy Made Model Trains in Oz
Good Afternoon Everyone Just bought this which is my First ESU lok with very high expectations on perfornance I declined to buy other makes Mehano and so on so lets hope in my quest it works out I know the Hag shunters that i have are really good.


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Hi Alan I have an Earlier version it is a very nice Dampf indeed.
241 - 244 of 1626 Posts