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Hello again,

A while back I'd mentioned about two Spanish manufacturers in the new items announcement for 2019/2020 from MFTrain and Mabar Tren. As I understand their products are not readily available in the UK so sourcing from dealers abroad is advised. However their products tend to disappear fairly quickly due to supply and demand, so advance ordering from a major dealer is recommended to avoid disappointment. I have to be honest I was hesitant of buying these since I have never seen in person or handled any products from MFTrain or Mabar Tren before.

I was able to purchase 5 sets (4 shown in above photo) of MFTrain's Gefco Laeks TA 370 car transporter for which I'd like to use to represent a car transporter train. Typically you'd find in real life about 14 to 15 of these 3 axle wagons along with another 4-5 variants of car transporter wagons of Gefco.

These wagons were done in co-operation with Lemke and as I understand there will be more in the near future; so there is no immediate need to find additional sets which are few these days.

These wagons are mainly metal and are really good quality. In the meantime I have to think about whether I run these as empty or fully loaded. If loaded with Peugeot 208 & 2008 modern cars (my personal choice) will be a problem since no one makes these in N scale; the only solution is to get a 3D model from some source and 3D print it for a master which will be used for multiple resin castings.

On to Mabar Tren's HBBILLS-uy refrigerated wagons of the Ã-BB/RCA, they have made 2 un-weathered sets (two wagons in each set).

I have to say the effort made on the detailing side with these wagons is probably the highest I have seen from a manufacturer in N. The main body is plastic with various photo etched parts added on.
There is also a bag with sprues for hook chain couplings and brake hoses along with photo etched shunting steps.

There is some criticism I have:

1) With the execution of the added photo etched parts, there is evidence of excessive glue in places when they were assembled but this can be remedied if weathered.
2) On one wagon a single hair was caught in the paint - this is again something I wish manufacturers really pay attention to when they subcontract out the production.
3) The painted steel railing and brake man's platform (as seen in photo) really detracts from the model's overall appearance in that the metallic paint used is not finely pigmented enough for this scale, far too coarse for my liking. This is a big problem in general with hobby paints when the scale of a model (miniatures, trains, aeroplanes etc) is small since the market is cluttered with poor quality metallic paints whether acrylic or cellulose based; there are some exceptions like Vallejo's Metallic Color line and AK's Extreme Metal paint.

Overall really nice models from Mabar Tren.

I'm glad that there are more manufacturers appearing on the market filling in niche areas and I am overall impressed with these two Spanish manufacturers so far and hope they have a bigger product range and market presence in the near future.

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