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Silver Jubile

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Hi all, it been awile.

Just thought I would up date you as I have finally started work on the silver jub' set I got last year as the gits at work made me redundant and I now have spare time on me hands.

The shells are made for the Brake First/Corridor First twin and Rest' Open First/Kitchen/Rest' Open Third triplet. Some interier has been done and Bachmann Thompson bogies purschased.

The roofs have been test fitted, a few choice words have been said as the gaps could fit an MPD in them, some filler is very much needed!!

Not sure how much interior painting am going to do as most of it will not be visable.

Am taking plenty of pic as I think it will make a good artical for one of the mag's. If I ever figure out how to post them I will of course share them with you.

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QUOTE (bro sewell @ 6 Jul 2007, 09:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Finally got a break in the weather yesterday and got another chance to do some spraying, its going to take a third go at getting this colour to match, have lightened up the p54 silver grey with white, took a whole jar and a bit more. thinned the required amount an set to, it looked a pretty good match to the loco prior to spraying but when dry it was still to dark, will have to go and buy more white on saturday and have another go as weather men say we are in for a dry weekend (about time) Will keep you updated on my progress


Hi Brian
I have also got a Mailcoach kit of Silver Jubilee which I havenot yet summonded up enough courage to start. I must say reading about your efforts and your photos have got my fingers twitching a bit. You say you have used Bachman bogies.
Is there a reason for this or just your preference ? I am sure my kit has got Mailcoach bogie kits. Have you seen the book
"Steamlined Steam -Britain's 1930s Luxury Expresses" There are some terrific pictures and some detail re paint finishes , and the use of Rexine both inside and out which have helped me . If you have the book all well and good , if not I can post the details.
Regards Tony 10001
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