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QUOTE (bro sewell @ 18 Jun 2007, 13:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have painted the coaches now, only problem is that I should of offered the paint upto the loco first, they don't match!

I used the phoenix p54 silver grey as per instructions but it is alot darker than the loco, Hornby A4 Silver Fox (lastest gen)

Is the loco the wrong colour or is the paint to dark, I dont fancy painting a brand new loco

It also doest match the old A4 but that was moulded in colour plastic so wasn't expecting it to!

When the weather picks back up i may lighten the paint with white and try to colour match it
Best bet is to try Phoenix for advice, they may have a lighter tone that will better match the loco. An undercoat can make a significant difference too, may be worth a test of the paint(s) with white underneath. Matching up metallic colours from different sources is notoriously difficult, so even if a lighter tone is available you may have to reconcile yourself to a slightly different appearance, unless prepared to repaint the loco.

In your position I would not repaint the loco, but concentrate on getting the coaches as close as possible, and then have it that the loco is just ex-works repainted, while the coaches have been in traffic for some time, as the finish would naturally darken. Regarding the loco as just ex-works also avoids any thoughts of weathering of the finish. Colour-Rail NE74 is THE reference colour picture of a silver A4 in service, and I would say that the subtle weathering would be testing to replicate.
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