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Silver Jubile

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Hi all, it been awile.

Just thought I would up date you as I have finally started work on the silver jub' set I got last year as the gits at work made me redundant and I now have spare time on me hands.

The shells are made for the Brake First/Corridor First twin and Rest' Open First/Kitchen/Rest' Open Third triplet. Some interier has been done and Bachmann Thompson bogies purschased.

The roofs have been test fitted, a few choice words have been said as the gaps could fit an MPD in them, some filler is very much needed!!

Not sure how much interior painting am going to do as most of it will not be visable.

Am taking plenty of pic as I think it will make a good artical for one of the mag's. If I ever figure out how to post them I will of course share them with you.

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I have only recently joined this forum and apologise for coming in (too) late on this item.

The three shades of grey which are sold by Phoenix came originally from the Cherry range which I had a hand in matching. The light colour grey sold by Phoenix is correct (as are the other two). The matches were made at the NRM in 1975 against a 5" gauge A4 built by the Doncaster apprentices in 1935 and painted in the Doncaster paint shop. Given that the model has never been in other than artificial light, and indeed for much of the time has been in total darkness, one can be fairly certain that the paints are almost exactly as applied in 1935.

In 1975 the model was given a thorough clean and polish, and no noticeable change in hue was noted. I think it was in the S Kensington Science Museum for a while, but they do not seem to even recognise the existance of railways there now!

I am pretty certain that Hornby are the ones who have the colour wrong despite being offered advice some twenty five years ago!

Despite all the above, if it looks right toyou, then it is.
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I refer to the earlier tender drive A4's to which I assumed the builder was referring. I have one of the steam A4s in grey which is quite near, but not the later loco driven one.

As a follow up on this subject, because the coaches were in evryday use and cleaned by different methods, it is quite likely that there was a marginal difference, especially when one consider that from 1938 the SJ set was recovered externally with silver grey Rexine!

Not usre that we will ever be sure now.
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