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Silver Jubile

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Hi all, it been awile.

Just thought I would up date you as I have finally started work on the silver jub' set I got last year as the gits at work made me redundant and I now have spare time on me hands.

The shells are made for the Brake First/Corridor First twin and Rest' Open First/Kitchen/Rest' Open Third triplet. Some interier has been done and Bachmann Thompson bogies purschased.

The roofs have been test fitted, a few choice words have been said as the gaps could fit an MPD in them, some filler is very much needed!!

Not sure how much interior painting am going to do as most of it will not be visable.

Am taking plenty of pic as I think it will make a good artical for one of the mag's. If I ever figure out how to post them I will of course share them with you.

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hi all
2512, you said that Hornby have got the colour wrong, just want to know on which model? I've brought one of the new A4s (2510 Quicksilver) from Modelfair and it's a completely different shade of grey from the older tender driven version. From the one colour photo I have of a Grey A4 the new Hornby model looks quite accurate(??) but the older version is too metalic looking. Sorry bro sewell not trying to diverge from the point of the thread, nice coach building, reminds me I've got a Coronation set to get on with sitting in the cupboard somewhere.......

Bro S
My Coro' is currently half done...4 to go. Sadly I've made the error of painting the rooves black, reason being that after studying a b/w photo I could have sworn they should be, must have been a dark day. I'll finish them off one day, I'd like to see the train up & running.
One question to all involved in this thread, Is there any known occasion where a Grey A4 ended up in charge of a Blue streamliner or were all the A4s blue by the time the Coro' & West Riding were running?
I'm not a huge fan of the A4s, I much prefer the more conventional/elegant shape of the A1/3s, so both of my A4s are grey (the new loco drive model really is something....very nice but I can't find the love for them in blue).
If not I'll probably use modellers licence anyway, or "Brown Jack" or maybe "Humorist" with its flash double chimney can do the job.

Thanks for that Arethusa
I have got "2a" of the Green Bibles & East Coast Pacifics at hand and I'm sure the relevant info is at had if I got motivated and had a look. Sadly I find once a stuff up has been uncovered with a model it tends to dull the enthusiasm a bit, but eventually I'll get back to the Coro set, probably after the V4 & the Hush Hush are finished......5-10 years at current rate of progress.
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