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Hi Skorpio

There are two Advanced Programming Modes on the MultiMAUS - POM (programming on the Main ) and CV (service mode- for programming on the programming track)

as the system does not have an output for a separate programming track, if Programming in the "CV mode" all other loco's must be off the track . CV mode is the only way to change CV1 (the address of the locomotives decoder)

You can buy an NCE Auto-SW which will give you an automatic solution There is a thread to explain about it Here

POM is good for adjusting Loco's when they are running on the track - you select your locomotives address and then Press
the Up arrow key and Menu key simultaneously

the Screen will show the word Loco (provided you have the language in English)

Press the key to the right of the stop button (Right arrow key)

Now you are in the Programming menu

Press the *OK button

Now the Display will show CV Modification (scrolling across the screen) Small print underneath reads" MENU Prog" and 1

If you press the right Arrow key again the display will show LONG ADDRESS + Menu Prog and 2

Press the right Arrow key once more -Display shows MODE Menu Prog and 3

Press *OK and the display will show the setting for programming mode POM or CV

You select which mode you require and Press *OK- the display will go back to MODE - Pressing STOP will Display will go back up to PROGRAM Press*OK and you will be in CV Modification

STOP will always take you back , Pressing *OK will take you forward

Pressing *OK in the CV Modification the Next Screen is CV _ Input the Number of the CV that you wish to adjust

The next screen will show a suggested value V= ( a flashing no.) Input the new value

Press *OK and the new value will be written to the decoder

Pressing STOP at any stage will take you back

It is probably not the simplest of controls but very easy to get used to (My grandson had his ALL worked out in about 5 mins)

I find the Loco Library very useful and easy to Add or take loco's from the library . This is handy for controlling 2 or 3 Loco's with one MultiMAUS the arrow keys will select the next loco to control or giving a guest just one loco to control

I use the MultiMAUS through a Lenz LZV100 Command Station (which is borrowed) and it is a fantastic combination

A bit of light reading above , but not as much as in the Manual


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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