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Simplon 100

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Read more about the Simplon tunnel here:-

Simplon tunnel celebrates 100 years

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It really is quite an incredible feat of engineering. I find projects like this amazing, how engineers overcome problems and build great structures.
I hope it's not like the Northern line though. I would hate to be stuck in there for hours.
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Thanks for a GREAT link to the Swiss Info Site!

The only trouble is, once on that page, it opens up so many other fascinating possibilities that damn all is going to get done by me for the rest of this day!

Don't miss the great galleries of photos that are available in addition to the article and there are various videos too. What a GREAT site that is if you just poke around a little - hidden treasures everywhere!

Quick caveat on video
Like many sites, including BBC, that one uses RM format video (Real Media) and I am one of thousands who will not permit that nasty spyware ridden piece of nastiness on my machine. But there is a an alternative - "realalt141", a small addon which enables the playing of RMV files without installing RMPlayer. Someone gave me this, but I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to find with a Google Search.

However don't give it a thought if you aren't interested in video files.

PS The 141 in the filename is simply the version number, mine being version 1.41. There may well be later versions by now, so don't worry about the numbers, just the name, "realalt"

Later still
PPS OK let's do the job properly now Rail-Rider!
Latest version is 1.48 and here is your direct link
That's better!
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>Thanks for a GREAT link to the Swiss Info Site!
I am glad you like it. I have been visiting since the floods last August as I was concerned to see how badly affected the area in which we had enjoyed such a good holiday had been. They had quite a few pix of the devastation caused to the Interlaken - Grindelwald line. I am sure they may be archived on the site somewhere.

I think there's an article on the new Loetschberg tunnel too.

It's also interesting to get a different perspective on world events too.

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