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not too sure about the breezeblox?

Are you after some sort of ''backscene?'

Regarding the cost?....don't forget, this is a 'ready-to-lay ' product, ostensibly with nothing else to do?

In your position, financially...which I am always in.......I would consider some sort of mass-production?

Produce a 'master' bit of walling.......using either plaster [dental plaster??]...or simply, buy one section of wall.......and make a mould, to cast replicas?

the issue then is the colouring and texturing?

a quick glance through the adds in Railway modeller [for example] will uncover firms selling unpainted palster retaining walls......?

Another option is to scratchbuild a base...then apply moulded plastic stone or brick sheeting fromthe likes of Wills Scenics, etc?

are some sites that offer either free, or modest payment downloads for bricks, or stone, paper sheets.

These can be downloaded cheaply at worst, free at best........but need to be stuck to your own [card??] handywork making retaining walls.

This has to be the cheap option for a large quantity....and whilst not quite in the 'textured' arena, can be made VERY convincing.

There are books on card modelling, and structure modelling, which offer good hints on how to best use, what we auld fahrts called 'brickpaper'...[I STILL have some Merco sheets}.......and 'texture' can indeed be added.......with our parlous financial state.......we must substitute the credit card, with own own sweaty effort???

2,202 Posts
QUOTE but I know that that is almost certainly beyond my skills, as I am utterly useless at such things

I cannot believe that statement for one moment.

you manage a computer?

access to a printer?

do you eat Cornflakes? [for the cardboard boxes?]

Some kids PVA glue?


[have you ever hung wallpaper? If so, maybe we could dop a trade?]

Draw a picture [copy your mental picture] of what you want?

I suggest something that looks a bit like a row of arches?

a bit like, a long strip of card...maybe 6 or so inches wide....then draw a series of upside-down 'U's.....

the middle of the 'U' will be inset from the 'arch' bit.........decide how far [find a prototype picture to 'copy?']

Then it's, cut-out-and-glue?......when sticking on brick paper, try to get the brick courses to line up??

have a go one morning?

just try a short bit??

if you succeed [don't TRY and replicate the Hornby item...] and feel OK with your efforts.....bash on.

After all....when brassic, it beats breeze blox?

and you can ALWAYS replace your efforts with something more to your tastes when the financial situation improves.

[I take a peek at some of the older model railways in pictures you can find....mags going back to the 1960's, etc?........see just how 'effective'' cheapo methods can be...especially brickpaper.....which was all that many of us had to play with??]

HAVE A GO!.....please?
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