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Seeing as Skaledale was featuring prominently in one of the other topics I opened a thread to discuss the high quality and uses of Skaledale Buildings
Skaledale buildings are well worth there price tag which is usually more than the average kits but you get a prebuilt and painted building and they do several important types of buildings from churchs and now they are doing terraced houses and Canals to name a few
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I think they rae very good value when compared to many kits and other similar buildings. They are also good for people who are not too skilled at making kits. The only problem I have is that they are very region specific. I model the West Highland and very few of the buildings are any use for this. However if you are modelling the South of England, which the majority of people probably are, they are excellent.
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They truely are worth it and some of the buildings can be used in other reasons such as Raven Cottages resemble some yorkshire houses and the terraced houses can be used to represent most regions
QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 7 Apr 2006, 00:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The only problem I have is that they are very region specific.... However if you are modelling the South of England, which the majority of people probably are, they are excellent.

Neil's right to say that the first releases were very much from the South of England (Oast houses etc.)

However, Hornby are starting to broaden things out - this year's station buildings (R8629 - R8641) are based on Goathland station at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. I was back in the UK for a few days last week and drove over to the NYMR railway, and can confirm that the models capture the real thing really well.

I look forward (hopefully) to many more non-Southern buildings.......
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I didn't think the Skaledale buildings would be as good as they are. But they are well made and detailed and provide an alternative for people like me that hates building construction. Pity there are no S&D buildings in the range as that would suit my proposed theme well.

If we could gather enough support we could send Hornby a list of buildings we as consumers would like to see them as producers make

Who likes this idea?
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excellent idea, perhaps we could kick off with :
GWR coaling stage
Concrete tower type coaling stage
four road engine shed or one that is easily expandable
some nice warehouse structures
retaining walls and abutments
large terminus building (Bath Green Park with out the trainshed)
shed Boothy
a new turntable with indexing and a quiet drive that dos'nt resemble a toy

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QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 7 Apr 2006, 15:56) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>a new turntable with indexing and a quiet drive that dos'nt resemble a toy

This would be a nice surprise for the 2007 model year, even better than more A4's in garter blue. Some modern era buildings like a diesel shed/fueling point would be great.
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Any of the Southern Region concrete 1930's style Bauhaus trackside buildings. They have never been modelled by anyone and with clear evidence of there being an SR fanatic at Margate now is the time to mention it.

Oops I forgot! We want buildings from up North.

Happy modelling
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Anymore suggestions lets gather as many as we can
I would like
More GWR style buildings eg good shed /Station
Some more modern image buildings both railway and non railway
and some stone terraces like we have in Bradford
I'd love a decent turntable but I think that given that the prehistoric hornby one still retails at £40 and that some of the overseas types run up to about £200 the cost of a Skaledale spec one might be prohibitive.
If they do a turntable can I have a roundhouse or at least part roundhouse to go with it please, just like the one and a half I work next to .
I know we knock the Hornby turntable but for the market it is designed for it works. It stops nice a cleanly at each outlet track and gives the user (young Thomas the Tank Engine modellers?) plenty of time to halt the turntable before it moves on to the next outlet track.

Jouef (Lima?) did a fantastic turntable and roundhouse buildings so Hornby now have the means to produce something exceptional.

However the price would also be exceptional!

Now back to Skaledale lines...

Happy modelling
The skaledale items are gradually expanding into Thomas ones as well and some wouldn't look out of place on a real world layout. I'll be intrigued to see the road items. The signs will be especially welcome.
I'd like to see some Scottish style buildings. Also maybe some factories and other industrial buildings. The turntable idea is good. The current Hornby one is the one that was current 25 years ago when I used to model as a kid. Come to think of it so are the other station buildings. The road stuff would be good as the Faller stuff available is obviously German. A large station would also be good.
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I wouold like to see more larger station buildings we could try to draw up a wish list of items we want Hornby to produce so my suggestion is

More Buildings based on northern prototypes
More Bigger Station Buildings
Industrial units
Any modifications
My skaledale wish list:

Police station (rounding off the services)
A decent modern diesel fueling point
A house being built ie. with scaffolding
More modern houses!!!

Well, that's my wish list...
I think to cover all the emergency services we'd need an ambulance station - or perhaps take the practice/hose drying tower off the fire station and repaint appropriately?

John Webb
Double track version of the excellent R8570 railway bridge. Hornby R8570 railway bridge

A double span (2 portals) road over rail bridge in brick.

Modern (1990's to present day) station buildings.

1920/30's Art Deco Southern structures.

Boarded up and tatty shop fronts. Typical near modern railways.
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How about some bricked up arches or workshop conversions and a modular viaduct type structure. It could be used in conjunction with the steel bridge R8570. Curved and straight options please. Anything that replaces those toylike buildings with stick on brickwork has to be good.
This may be over ambitious but some industrial buildings along the lines of Trix's Steel works with all the incorporated lights and cranes would be fantastic. I saw this steel converterwhich would be good.

Top Blown Steel Converter item 66106

A Whisky Distillery, or a Brewery or container depot would be great.
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