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Skalelighting Query

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I have a micro layout which is to be controlled by a Hornby R965 controller which has no accessories output.

I would like to use the new Skalelighting but need something to connect it to a separate power supply.

I know I will need a resister and probably a transformer but can anyone tell me exactly what I will require and where I can get it/them and, indeed, whether it is feasible/possible without a normal DC controller with accessories output?

Any replies in 'Electric for Dummies' language please - I am useless on electrics!
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Your best bet would be to go to a Maplins store, they will stock transformers of all types that will give various voltage outputs. I have always found most of the staff very helpfull. Perhaps even take a skaledale lighting pack with you and just tell them you need a transformer that will do the job.

A ready built power supply may be better, unless you really know what you are doing "open cased" transformers should be avoided at all costs, in fact by the time you have bought an open cased transformer, case to put it in & some bits for circuit protection the really made one will probably be cheaper.
I didnt actually mean an open case I was thinking more along the lines of the type of black plug top transformer which I probably should have described as a "power supply"

something like this

which provides 12V other fixed voltages are available or a unit with selectable voltages is available

The suggestion about asking the staff was so they could help match voltage / available current to the requirements. Sorry If i didnt explain myself properly

Hi John,

Much better than the open cased ones - & not too bad a price either, maybe I misread your post !
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