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Slang and Nicknames

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Hi guys

I've just been thinking, which I know is dangerous at my age, but I have noticed over the months that a number of trains, locomotives equipment and locations have nicknames. An example of this is one I posted the other day the "Gobby" van, now I know what one is (a mobile office/workshop) but don't know where the name came from, but would be interested to know.

So come on dig deep for those odd names old and new as well as international.


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East Germany:

Ceaucescu´s revenge -> class 219
(Kraftcontainer) Power container -> class 155
Ludmilla, Breshnev´s revenge, (Kremlwanze) Kremlin cockroach -> class 232
(Taigatrommel) Taiga drum, Chrushtchev´s revenge -> class 220 (former East German class 120)
(Knödelpresse) dumpling mould -> class 180

West Germany:

(Knallfrosch) firecracker -> class 141 (the transformer makes noises that are reminiscent of firecrackers)
Donald Duck -> class 403
(Weißwurst) white sausage, world´s longest tampax -> ICE trains
(Eierkopf) egghead -> class VT08
(Staubsauger) vacuum cleaner -> class 145
(Coladose) Coca-Cola can -> class 103 in red livery
(Bügeleisen) electric iron -> class E71
(Quietschi) squeaky -> class 423/424/425
Tupperware -> class 644 ("Talent")
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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