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Hi All,

I'm building one of the Slaters 7mm scale cattle vans.

I've reached the stage where I am fitting the hand brake levers. I am doing these per the picture on the box (click to enlarge the pic in my article above).

In the kit, there are a couple of plastic parts for the vertical guide/ratchet.

However, when I try to fit them, the part ends up too far 'in board' such that the brake lever can't clear the leaf springs to be able to thread through them.

Does anyone know how these parts are meant to be fitted ? Are there parts in the box which act as 'spacers' which I have missed ?

Also, I note that on the pic on the box, the vertical guide has a 'back' to it, thereby creating a slot. That doesn't seem to be in my kit. There's also no locating lugs (not that there are any on this kit anyway!).

Has anyone got any pictures of how this thing is meant to be put together please ? Even a pic of the prototype would be helpful.

Finally, would anyone know about numbering for these in the BR period ? Pics again would be helpful.

Many thanks
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