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My garage layout started earlier this year is progressing nicely. All the baseboards are complete and the bus wires installed. Using my old peco code 100 track and points I have laid the two sets of storage sidings and the double continuous run link. The design is similar to one in Iain Rice's book "Mainlines for limited spaces". I wish that I could put a diagram of it here but I don't know how.

On the other side of the layout, with new code 75, I have laid the five points and single slip that will be at one end of the station. These form the crossover into a lay-by siding and the entry into a goods loop and sidings. The whole lot are connected directly to one another or with very short pieces of plain track. I have adapted the points to DCC best practice as advised on this forum and installed Tortoise point motors and checked that everything works as intended.

I laid these points first, as I have altered one end of a point and one end of the single slip so that they form a crossover between the double track mainlines at closer than the original peco spacing, as reported on another thread. I wanted to check that this was possible before proceeding with the rest of the track. This forms the only link between the mainlines on the scenic section of the layout. Eventually there will be one more pair of points to lay at the other end of the goods loop.

I recently laid the first piece of code 75 plain track leading from one set of storage sidings. Partly because of comments on this forum about sleeper spacing, I cut the webbing at the back, removed several sleepers, and spaced the others at about 10mm centres and intended to do the same thing with the other 20 pieces of plain track. I think that it looks quite good but I am not entirely happy with it. Perhaps because I was not careful enough when sticking it down, some of the sleepers are not absolutely perpendicular to the track. They are not far out but they do offend my eye.

However, this is not the main reason that I might lift and discard this piece. Apart from the time and care to get it right that will obviously be needed, it suddenly occured to me that when they eventually link up to the points complex, the different sleeper spacing might look very odd. Obviously I haven't dared to try to alter the sleeper spacing on the points.

Has anyone done anything similar? I read in an article by the professional model maker of 'Tupdale' (can't remember his name) that he had widened the sleeper spacing of peco code 75 but I assume that he didn't do it to the points so perhaps it won't look too bad. What do you think?
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