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Small control panel

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Having just completed a small portable layout, I needed to have electric control of the points.

The layout is DCC controlled using the EZ-command so I have been building a switch/indicator panel.

The track layout is shown below.

Built the indicator panel in an aluminium box bought from Maplin.
Switches are on-off-on spring return to centre toggle type, connected via a CDU, hence only one switch for the cross-over, also means I can connect it to the track bus!
3mm LED's and panel clips.
The two 15 pin plugs on the back of the box make it easy to disconnect and pack away.

I've fitted one socket and one plug to the back of the box so it should make it hard to get them mixed up.

1 of the plugs is for the switches to operate the points the other is for the accessory switches to operate the LED's

Total cost was £25-£30 for everything including the peco accessory switches which are glued to the point motor.
I don't think thats bad to operate 6 points with indication.
I have used DCC decoders on my fixed layout and they do work well, but you still need more wiring for indication.
Having tried both I'm leaning towards the switch panel as my prefered method of operation, I think the DCC operation is possibly more suited to PC control IMHO!

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Hi Wiggy,

The layout looks good, thanks for the idea on the 15 pin connectors as i was looking of a way to connect my layout to the control panel but still have the panel quickly and easily disconnected, placed an order for 6 pairs at 1.49 a pair thats what i call a bargain.

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