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Smallest radius in "N" gauge

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what is the smallest radius I can get away with in "N" gauge, considering that I will only be running goods wagons pulled by 060 or maybe a Prairie?
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Hi Spottydog.

It is possible to get down to 9" radius (approx. 230mm) though, personally, I would not go below 12" (approx. 300mm) and even then I would hide them in a tunnel. The smalest 'visible' radius on my layout is 18" (approx. 450mm) and that is in my goods sidings.
Most of the manufacturers like farish recommend a minimum 2nd radius curve as expat says. I find that my 102tonne ews hoppers do go round my inner curve but any tighter and you will run into problems.
Thanks guys, it would appear that a radius of 12" (300mm) will just about fit into my plans. It seems that most of the questions I have asked on this Forum have been answered by Trevor (Expat) and having viewed your layout it would appear you have on a much larger scale than I envisage, solved most of my problems, especially with loco choices for DCC shunting, you surely are a mind of information which I shall continue to tap.

Glad to help anytime. Good luck with your layout.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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