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The above explains a few things. Mine was the layout Neil referred to in the first place. I have a 15V power supply to the NCE Power Pro.Since my layout was originally wired for DC cab control, I have a reasonable number of feeds but still need to strengthen some areas. With that in mind, where Neil was putting the smoke oil in to the locomotve was close to a feed so it was probably close to the full 15 Volts and we saw a small puff of smoke - probably just enough voltage to heat the element but losing just enough after the cold oil hit it to produce that puff and no more! Further round the layout the voltage was probably even lower so we never actually got enough to work the smoke generator rated as 16V and above.

From all of that, the Number 22 sounds like it would do the job but, as Neil has indicated, might have problems with the higher voltage of his own ESU control unit. Are there any smoke units that are rated in between - say 14 to 18 Volts? A compromise to keep all systems happy!

Even if/when I strengthen the power supplies to the tracks (more wire, I say, MORE WIRE, Igor ...
) I still won't have more than the nominal 15V but at least I'll have more consistency around the layout.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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