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Smoke Generators

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I am hoping to install a smoke generator in one or two off my fleet but i have been told that they leave oily resedue on the walls
. The household authorities (Mum & Dad) wouldn't like it

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Yes they do leave a residue on the loco however I believe Veissmann have a new smoke fluid which doesn't
I think its all relative.

If you have 1 locomotive with a smoke generater in it going once a week for 20 minutes the redidue will be pretty limited. If on the otherhand you have 7 1/2" gaguge steam locomotive fired up in your bedroom you may have some issues.


Has locomotives with smoke units, just dont use them
It's a water soluble oil, and from an OO or HO loco is hardly likely to leave much residue - just keep the windows open. Something to watch out for though is the effect on the loco body. The heat from the generator, and the oil, not infrequently degrade plastic loco bodies. It is well worthwhile lining the smokebox with a metal tube and fitting a metal chimney to minimise the damage, and making the generator switchable, so it is not running when unfilled.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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