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Take the motor out and remove the brushes, soak and clean as per 34C's post.

Take the rest of the motor and liberally cove in neat detergent, and clean every nook and cranny by working it in with a stiffish 1/2" paintbrush.

Leave to soak in the neat detergent for a wee while, rinse and repeat. Rinse with hot water so drying is faster.

Air dry it and give the commutator slots a clean as per Brians post then reassemble.

Glue some 1,000 grit or finer wet and dry onto a thin wood strip (about 5mm wide) or some stiffish styrene (any waterproof glue is OK). Wet the wet and dry and with the motor conencted to DC and spinning fast, polish and true the commutator, polishing it to an even, mirror finish. Just be a wee bit carful of the inside edge where the coil wires are soldered.

Re-clean the slots, use the tinyest bit of oil (a pinhead each bearing) and it will run better than ever.

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