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As you know I keep going on about my Br blue layout, soon to be dcc, then soon to be after dcc sound!

I have been making he layout now for a couple of months, the boards are recycled from some wardrobe doors, the scenic is 4 1/2ft by 14inches and the fiddle yard (finally made today) is 3ft by 14inches, not the biggest layout in the world!

It started off with me gradually buying more br blue locos, first a 08, then a 20 (now wondering if it is the wrong type of loco becuase unprototipical because only has a cab at one end? what do you think?) then a 04 (now decided to get rid of as it serves no purpose) and then a 108. and curently pondering over a sound class 37 with split headcode
as the 105 wont be available for atleast another year
Although i do have a pro converted 153 in regional railway for the time beings, but probably wont get sound chipped or run at a exhbition if i manage to get onto the exhbition circuit, which I hope to do becuase its about 10 years later than the entitled era (does anyone know when they first came into action?)

The main idea of the layout came from seeing Iceni cement at a local exhibiton, so the lower level track plan is basically the same, Then so it dident look so identical I decided to some how squeeze in a single passenger line and station for dmu's. Also a recent idea made me think to add a low relief wagonrepair/warehouse/store to the disused/unpurposed siding, this will aslo be scratch built!

The layout has 5 points all peco code 100 (wish I'd done it 75
) which currently have a pm2 point motor all underneath which are wired up to a cdu and then i had planned a curcuit board, but after going dcc............

At the moment I'm facing quite a few problems: 1. I now have to re-wire the point motors to a dcc point decoder (more money
) and the cdu can be used on the gwr layout which i am yet to wire up so is not a complete waist of money. 2. hense I have to do that and am adding dcc sound I am quite intrested in adding tortoise point motors, again more money but will add to the small detail, but then this leads to the problem of maiking the basseboards 2 inches depper so the will fit!!!. 3. I am alos currently learning how to make ahnd made points so you can see in the future this layout is going to end up being rebuilt with han made track, and then i can also widen the boards for more scenery and make them out of a lighter product like ply instead of 12mm chip board.

Anyway i Think thats enough rambling for now but will be nice to here you views.

But hopefully will get it outside tomorrow or tuesday and get some daylight pictures

Thanks in advance


ps after writing this I relaised I dont know how to post pictures although all I have to post is a pic and track plan, I do apologise for the one and taking it on my phone in a dark room, but I went out to my railway shed today to get some more and ended up making the 3ft fiddle yard board, making the upper level section on it and then spraying/painting the back and sides of the boards black!

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Today, I decided it was time for my layout to be rebuilt, after installing the platform on the higher level, the layout did not seem so prototypical and there also many things to fault:

1. when i did the hills, i used poloystrene and added scatter on top and didn't plaster so was to soft, and also because of this the scatter and bits was begining to flake off!
2. I noticed the ballast i had used was to bulky, and wanted something finer like sand!
3. Both of the lines, upper and lower level ran out right next to each other and i cou;dn't think of anyway to disguise the top line out.
4. I had used code 100 trck and wished i had used 75 or even hand built it!
5. after looking at legs and things for support i realised that using 9mm chip board for the bass, sides, backscene and everything really had made the layout really heavy, amking it hard to move, transport and have to pay for something expensive to suport!

So the general idea was to rebuild it, BUT after taking it all up, and keep being inspired by all of these steam layouts I am now wondering about changing era

This , vine street and the 44ft shed layout in sr based on epsom town me and a few mates meet up in

So I have a few options:
1. Change layout to a more fictois place!
2. Change era either br/sr steam or br steam and diesel like vine street!
3. Rebuild the layout, but plan it more, rebuild some lighter baseboards and take more time,
4. Build a small SLT something like this;hilit=st+jude giving me somewhere to run my locos and some time to make my mind up.

I appreciate some feedback on what you would do!

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I appreciate some feedback on what you would do!

I am not a fan of this super minimalist approach, or of layouts which are all track with the scenery as an afterthought. I'd start by making it as big as i could allowing for handling, erection , storage etc and then i'd flick through railway books till I found an interesting scenario which i could represent in the area i had bearing in mind the space i would need for the essential scenic components of what I was representing. I would think it was great idea in a minimum space layout to be able to run different eras to prolong interest in the project. Some buildings which could be exchanged for earlier or later types might help. If you enjoy operation I'd go for something with some sidings to shunt whether its a goods yard, industry, PWD or exchange sidings. I hope you have lots of enjoyment with it anyway ! I also might regard a really small layout as disposable in that it might only hold interest for a certain period and might then be sold or passed on.
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