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Am I imagining it or did Hornby provide a bufferbeam snowplough as an accessory for their Black 5?

If not, do you know of any source of such an item (LMS No. 5 or 6 type) - also I'm looking for a suitable cowcatcher for my WD 8Fs.
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I am not so sure if the Snowplough was provided as an optional accessory,but I AM Certain that Hornby BR Black 5 R2321 comes with a bufferbeam snowplough fitted - I have one!! I bought it at Hattons of Liverpool 4 years ago, and it can still be seen on their website if you carry out a Google Search for Hornby R2321 and scroll down for the Hattons entry! You might also try the Hornby Official Spares Company Abbiegails of Peterborough - again a google search for Abbiegails will provide you with their Web Address! I have bought a number of Accessory Packs from them! All the Best, David does some snow ploughs but they can cost a bit.
Hey 60134, are you ploughing snow from your garden railway tracks

If I had a garden line, I'd be out there now doing just that
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The ploughs are available as spares from East Kent Models - they are ok but I think they are not quite 'pointy' enough, if you see what I mean.
Thanks for that - I can hopefully now have my Black Fives hunting in pairs with them fitted.
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