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QUOTE As a replacement, a different soldering alloy consisting of 98 % tin and 2 % antimony will be offered. Good thing, in principle
Depends on one's definition of 'good' - antimony is a notorious poison!

Quote from Wikipedia
"Antimony and many of its compounds are toxic.
Clinically, antimony poisoning is very similar to arsenic poisoning."

All the components of solder are poisonous, including the tin.
If interested, take a look at MedLine Plus A Service of The US National Library of Medicine.

All fluxes are also toxic/poisonous, some of them lethally so.

There is virtually nothing in life which is not in some way deleterious to human health. Following the imbecilic 'logic' of Euro-beaurocracy, would lead to the total banning of life, on the inarguable basis that life is the sole cause of the existence of death. Think about it

Following Doug's useful link, among other useful info, provides an interesting statistic. QUOTE solders use only 1.2% of the annual global consumption of lead, so you may feel that this yet another case of a 'sledgehammer to crack a nut'.
'Reasonable' seems to be a nonexistent word in the vocabulary of megalomaniac politicians, no matter what their nationality

On Chinese soldering.
Rest assured that there will not be two separate production lines for USA and Europe. There is a ton of info indicating that USA is going down the same leadfree track as Europe. Interestingly, it looks as though there may be some VERY important exceptions for the electronics industry. Who knows how it will eventually work out.

The people who really need to be concerned are, of course, plumbers.
What will they be permitted to advertise themselves as in future?
'Plumber' will obviously have to go, because 'plumbum' is Latin for lead (although it looks more like a colourful description for a baboon's backside). So, one must presume that our lunatic political leaders will ban that particular job description very soon, too.
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