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QUOTE (Doug @ 29 Oct 2008, 21:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm after a temperature controlled soldering station. Something like a Weller WSD81 would be perfect for my needs.

This is what I'm after as the temperature can be set in a range between 50 °C and 450 °C. Ideal for soldering various types of metal and solder.

Does anyone have something similar that you are not using that you'd be interested in selling?

Or if you know of a good place to get one at a good price, please let me know.

***Doug, you don't need it to go so low in temperature EVER - I work with soldering all the time and teach both soldering in all modelling metals and kit construction etc - even for 70 degree solder and whitemetal you do not want the iron much lower than 180 degrees! (I actually solder whitemetal with the Iron at appx 200 degrees).

Weller, Hakko and Antex are the best three brands (all are commonly used on production line electronics, Antex is the choice of most of the better pro loco builders) and all have a good reliably avalable tip range and are top quality profucts - avoid low cost knockoff brands. All also have replacement elements, tips and other parts routinely available

There is no such thing as a GOOD cheap soldering Iron. A few extra pennies here will pay dividends in quality results.

Look for a temp controlled station with a 50 to 70 watt medium to small sized soldering pencil with a silicone lead as its much lighter in the hand - these high power fine soldering pencils are superb to work with.

You should get a couple of the smaller chisel type tips at the same time as you buy the iron (say 1.5 to 2mm and 3 to 4mm) - the conical small tip usually supplied is fine for electronics but isn't the most useful for modelling!

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