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QUOTE (cunnini @ 3 Jun 2008, 21:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>need help,

my soldering seems to be okay, electrical connectivity fine etc, however.........

when i go to connect te track, pushng th wires thro the holes in the baseboard, 4 times now the wire has snapped, not snapping at the weld, but were the rubber heathing ends. i'm using 0.2mm wire, any ideas????

***You really should be using stranded wire, or as suggested, use a proper stripper not a knife or teeth for stripping!

Also.... are you rally using single strand 0.2mm wire for your layout? its very small for DCC droppers and too small for a reliable DC layout too I'm afraid. Wire isn't expensive and compromise here will create later disappointment.

We've discussed this many times on the forum - wire size is important for good performance on the layout and using such small wire is not good practice.


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