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A request for some advice

I am returning to modelling after fifteen years away and am having problems with soldering. If it isn't officially a 'Black Art' it gives a very good impression of being one!!

I have a new 25W iron, new bits, lead-free solder and a pot of flux. I have tinned the bits as instructed and am attempting to solder dropper wires to track and wiring up points. I make sure the area to be soldered is clean, use flux and wipe the bit on a damp sponge each time.

The first few attempts work well but then the tips slowly become blackened and performance slowly drops off to the point where the solder will no longer melt. I was informed by the chap in the shop where I bought the equipment that I should 'Never!!' (repeated three times) use an abrasive on the tips.

Am I missing something?

What is the recommended way to clean a bit?
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If you have problems keeping your soldering tips clean try this stuff, Soldering Gun Old Solder Iron Tip Tinner and Cleaner Clean Oxidized Black Best | eBay it is the very best tip cleaner i've ever used , works like magic .
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