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QUOTE (longbridge @ 30 Oct 2007, 06:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am also looking at DCC control systems for a reasonably small size layout after trying the E-Z Command system which I was very disappointed with. After a little research the NCE POWER CAB controller seems to be very good value for money and I would be interested in any actual users opinions of this system.

It depends how far you want to take DCC. If you are looking for a reliable system, then the NCE POWER CAB is the way to go - and it is upgradeable. I have been using the POWER PRO system for over 2 years and find it very easy to use.

There are numerous DCC groups -DCCUK being one, that provide loads of advice (and experiences /opinions) for anyone thinking of going digital.

The best advice I can offer is try before you buy so that you get a system that best suits your needs.

1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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