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QUOTE Well I've decided to go with the Lenz set 100 and I hope to get it for my Birthday in April

Some folks might regard your choice as traditional and uninspired. Some folks may try to dazzle you central controls, controls that look railway like, or controls from a space odyssey 2008. Lenz have been a life time in producing any new kit. Not as long as Digitrax, perhaps there's a completion to see who will take the longest. These two well known producers have a highly stable and dependable products. NCE form the third pillar of highly dependable suppliers, they may well be joined by Bachmann who if they get their product right , " I believe they will" ,will gain critical from the other side of the pond. Mass sales, good product, = wide spread acceptance of DCC, more product developments, and more fun for us the users. The Dynamis is being widely advertised in the model railroad market in America, they simply can't fail.

Oh happy birthday for 2008 - sure you don't want to reconsider ?
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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