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Some kind help would be much appreciated

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This is my first post so please be patient with me.

My father dies recently and we are now in the process of accounting for all his N Gauge Locos, rolling stock, carriages etc. that he collected with such fondness.

Regrettably as an Executor to his Estate I have been given the task of selling the items (approx 60 locos, 80 RS) and am trying to decide the best way to go about :-
a) Getting a realistic price for them
Trying to find some fairly obscure ones - ie. Fleischmann 7895 and 7893 Collectors Editions

Any help would be appreciated at what is obviously a very sad time for us.

Many thanks,
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Hi Ian

Welcome to the forum, and sorry that your first post comes at such a sad time for you.

You could have the items valued by a respectable modelling shop or auction house (such as Vectis) for probate purposes; the modelling shop may make you an offer but it will be for less than the valuation. You could use the auction house to sell the items for you, but they will take a percentage. You could sell the items yourself on eBay. To realise the best value for the estate I would sell them on eBay if I had the time.

I'm sure that other MRF members will have some better ideas.

Hello Ian,

Sorry to hear about your sad loss.

Malcolm's advice is sound - the only thing I would add is that if you use eBay check to see if there are many similar items already listed & if there is wait a couple of weeks to get a better price. Prices on eBay seem to be holding quite well at the moment. It can take longer to sell if you use Vectis.

If you want a quick sale & to sell everything in one go then a dealer would be the best bet, although you will almost certainly get a better price overall by auction.

You could list the items here but may need some guidance about their worth - there are quite a few members here more into N than myself who could probably advise.

Hope this helps.
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Hello Ian and welcome to the forum. I wish it was under different circumstances that you are asking questions.

With regards to the collection I 2nd the advice about ebay. I also model in N gauge and I find that from time to time certain models seem to crop up more and when I see a model I want to sell on there I normally watch the item and also make checks to see if anyone else is selling the same as well.

If there is something you find that you cannot find on ebay always make sure there are no limited edition slips in the packaging with the loco as this does seem to bring good prices.

On average I've found when selling british locos seem to go for around between 26.00 upwards. I've also found the more rare the loco the better price it brings. An example is a garter blue graham farish mallard i sold for a friend.
He only paid 50.00 for it and it eventually went for over 120.00 to a buyer from overseas.

The rule of thumb I've also found is that with all the costs involved in using ebay you normally find that if you take the price of 1 loco and basically put that down as a loss as that will normally cover the costs of listing a few items on ebay.

If you need any further help don't hesitate to contact me by Personal Message and I will try and help as best I can.


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Hello Ian and may I add my sincere condolences to those who have responded earlier.

I'm an N Gauge modeller myself and keep a regular eye on what is available in e-bay. At the moment there is very little and from the sound of it you have some quite rare items which should fetch a good price. Do follow the advice others have already given though and get a valuation first.

Have you also given any thought to perhaps keeping some of the items and building a layout of your own. I'm sure your father would have liked at least a part of something he started to be passed on to the next generation in the hope that it gives them as much pleasure as it obviously gave him. Give it some thought anyway and if you need any help or guidance this is the right place to find it.

Sorry again for your sad loss.
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Many thanks to Malcolm, Brian, Kain amd Expat for your kind words and suggestions.

Thankfully, time is not as issue so I have started to track similar items on eBay to see what we could reasonably expect for the locos, carriage, rolling stock etc. I am both a Beneficiary and Trustee of my Father's Estate which should make life an awful lot easier.

It is with regret that I cannot myself retain his collection as I neither have the space available for them and have no children myself to pass them down to

If anyone is interested I could let the forum know when I have the full list available should it be of any interest to you all.

Many thanks once again, your kind support and words have been gratefully received.

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Hello Ian and welcome to the forum,

What sort of models are they mainly? You mention two Fleischmann sets so is the majority European outline (Trix/Minitrix, Roco, Arnold, Fleischmann)? If so then these models often command a higher price than British models because they were made to higher standards and were more expensive than British of the past. I would recommend selling them on eBay but a few at a time and without flooding the market depending upon what is currently on there so to speak...there may be certain items that do best at an auctionhouse but if there are only a few of these then as long as your eBay listing is good enough then it's probably not worth the trouble and expense of an auctionhouse etc. A modelshop will definitely give you much less than eBay but will of course take the whole lot off your hands in one go. As you say that time is not important then I would suggest eBay.

Please feel free to inform us when you have a full list of the models. It never hurts to offer people first bite at the coal apple, and as one of our European N scale modellers I'm sure we can give you an idea of what you can expect to get for them!

I hope that this helps!
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Hi goedel,

Yes they are mainly European: Trix, Arnold, Kato, Lima, Peco etc. but mainly Fleischmann. Here is a list of the just the Fleischmann locos to give you an idea, will follow with a comprehensive list later on :-


Many thanks for your help and suggestions,

Many thanks to all those members who have been kind enough to give me some guidance.

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