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I've got some questions.

I'm looking for some wagons for my class 37's and 60, but I've found Hornby's YGB Seacow's.
But there are some different numbers:

6286 A and D = clean, but what's the different between them?
6286 B, C, E and F = weathered, but whats the different between them?

And how long is an average train with that type of wagons? (YGB Seacow's)
And does EWS drive with Mainline and Departmental versions too?

And the HEA, HAA, CDA, HBA and Procor Hoppers looks good to, but does EWS drive with it, and if they do, do they mix that types of wagons in a train?

And my last question:

I've bought a new Class 55 from Bachmann, but is there any sound decoder for it, because Bachmann is making a other Class 55 but with a sound decoder.

I'll hope some people can help me.


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