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someone's loss

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Please be on the lookout, for this collection. It must be a devastation loss, I am sure they have to try and offload them somewhere.
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Would it be worth someone trying to get a more detailed list put on the the Model Railway Forums. We can keep a look out at swapmeets , auctions and ebay etc.
Sounds like he was specifically targeted from the news article.

I saw a similar item about a Scottish collection of, I think O gauge locos. They did recover them as the thieves tried to sell them on Ebay. Bit of a worry about garage layouts though. I might consider bars on the window of mine.
Who knows what happened, but sometimes envious enemies can do a lot of damage. If it was an opportunistic thief, he may have a chance. I hope that he gets his collection back.
I got the impression from the news item that it would have been planned as the guys who had the trains stolen did shows so people would have been aware of what he had in his possession. It could have been some one who knew him or chatted to him at a show and found out he kept them in his garage.
As the locos involved were all imported from the USA maybe theyve been stolen to be resold in the USA if they are rare items it might well be cost effective for the thieves to stick them in a suitcase and fly across the pond in which case they might end up on ebay in the US
QUOTE (Bilbo @ 21 Sep 2006, 18:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Would it be worth someone trying to get a more detailed list put on the the Model Railway Forums. We can keep a look out at swapmeets , auctions and ebay etc.

Good idea - the low life that do this sort of thing are - (cannot repeat on a public forum).

As we all seem to be responsible here (well, most of the time anyway) would it be an idea to have a section for stolen items as well as the "Lidel/Aldi/Netto/Woolworths" watch ?

best regards
Speaking to somebody at the sale of a collection that I attended a few weeks ago with a lot of medium to large American stuff, there is a very big export market for older O gauge and upwards American models as the Americans simply are not able to pick up spares these days. You can make a good living picking up older American locos in Britain and Europe and breaking them up and exporting spares to the USA. If you have the contacts of course.

The gent I was speaking to was also into classic cars and owned an MG TF. He advised me to pick one of these up as they can currently be purchased in nice condition for about £9000. He reckons that the MG TF will appreciate significantly in value over the next 10 years. Don't say I don't ever give out investment tips!

Unfortunately spares are a big business and thieves now target anything which has a significant value when broken down. Think of the car spares ring that the police raided in London a few weeks ago.

All I can say is be very careful when speaking with somebody who seems more interested in the value of a collection and how you look after it rather than in how good your layout looks.

And obviously take care when participating in forums such as this. Don't publish any contact information.

Model Rail Forum protects you as whilst you are asked for your email address when you sign up it is not published and you can only contact other members through the server owned by Model Rail Forum so at all times your email address remains entirely hidden and confidential. This very important measure safeguards you! Model Rail Forum is the only model railway forum (as far as we know) in the world with its own dedicated server owned by a hobbyist. I cannot stress how important this is for your security.

Happy modelling
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