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Something I never thought I would see on the mainline

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As the tittle suggests, here are a few pics I got on Saturday as a bonus when visiting Arethusa for a quick trip to the Nottingham Show

Bumped into someone whilst at the show, and he said that Scots Gaurdsman was going to be in Melton in the afternoon. Nither of us had herd about this, and to be honest didnt believe him, but as we had viewed all the layouts, spent all our money (and I still forgot to get some stock boxes, to busy getting more trees!) we headed back to Melton. And to our suprise, there she was, parked up in the loop under the box taking water from a Scania tanker

If this wasnt enough of a suprise, the mixed bag of stock behind her was, WCRC support (normal) then 2 pannelled coaches (Queen of Scots) GW Bar we think, another pannelled coach(QoS) GN Teak and pannelled observation coach on the rear (again QoS))

They all had the orange cantrail line, and the teak had Timkin bogies. Never thought I woud see these sype of coaches out on the main line, didnt think they are allowed

Given the position of Meltons station next to the park, and the tracks cross the river too, you can get very close to the tracks for a good look, and as I had my camera with me from been at the show, it would of been rude not to take a few pics, I even tried to climb a tree for a better vantage point (the tree had other ideas and I have some lovely scratches accross my chest wich took some explaining to the wife!)

Hope you enjoy

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Thanks for posting

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Lovely pictures mate thanks for taking the time to put them on.

Shame it's not in LMS livery though!

Kind regards

I read elsewhere that this was a private birthday party charter..............drool......................!

Some nice shots there Brian, you seem to have got lucky on that one!

I have to admit I rather like the BR green (saw in in LMS black when I was a lot lot younger!)

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