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This was converted for me by Richard Johnson of DCC concepts.

The full works!!

A video shows it off best, oh and yes it has the new spring pick-ups on the axles and they work brilliantly.

Hat off to you Richard for doing this, trying to cram that much fibre optic in there is very brave!!
Enjoy folks, any questions just ask.


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Very nice.
I have to remind myself that this is N gauge.

I have a couple of trains which are calling at the same stations as yours


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Nice one Wiggy, bet your happy with that. The orange lights look excellent and some good announcements. Pity they are modern or I could have used them. How did the kids respond to it?

It is very loud for n gauge and looks great on your layout. You will need a bigger layout soon if you keep going this way.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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