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Hi all,

Here is how I fitted a loksound chip into my bachmann 9f,

The chip and speaker will not fit into the boiler but they do fit into the tender without any greef,

The loco chip socket will fit into the firebox space without interfearing with the wiring, I also removed the three capasiters at this point.

the wires from the sound chip will reach the firebox.

I stuck the sound chip onto the side of the tender and the speaker into the top of the water tank, the ballast weight has to be removed to clear the chip, I stuck in 45 grams of car alloy wheel balance weights, ( the same weight as the ballast , I scrounged the weights from a local tyre fitters scrap bin. )

The wires will pass through one of the holes in the tender floor where the top clips in I just unsoldered / resoldered one at a time, you could cut a big hole if you wish instead.

A small notch will have to be foled into the underside front edge of the cab floor to allow the wires free passage, this notch cannot be seen once the loco is re assembled

All I have to do now is paint the wires black and the jobs a good un,


I hope the photos help, sorry they are not too clear me cameras only a cheapy.

Cheers Hoppy

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