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QUOTE (Doug @ 1 Feb 2008, 17:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Please permit me to hijack this thread and ask a similar question.

What existing Loksound decoder sound provides a scale sound of a twin eighteen-cylinder 3300 bhp Deltic?

OK, I assume that there isn't anything on the market specifically for the Deltic, but what exists that is the most similar? I may update the sound later if a better one becomes available - that's why I'm looking at Loksound.

These is a list from DCC Supplies:

BR 01 (52406)
BR 03 (52407)
BR 18, s 3/6 (52405)
BR 23 (52408)
BR 38, P8 (52404)
BR 50, NMBS-SNCB type 25 (52410)
Diesel: Universal (52433)
Diesel:Euro Class 59/66 (82420)
DMU :VT 628 (52441)
Electric: Eurosprinter (52486)
Electric: ICE (52467)
Electric: Universal DB E40 (52461)
Steam 2 Cylinder Loco (52401)
Steam: 2/4 cylinder loco. (52403)
Steam: 3 cylinder loco. (52402)
Steam: 3 cylinder loco. (52402)
Steam: Universal US (Big Boy, Mikado, Etc.) (52411)
Steam:Mogual (82452)
Ten Wheeler, Mountain Hudson. (52412)
Universal US-Diesel F 7 (52436)

Other references on the Loksound site:

Deltic from both Bachmann and Swd will be avaialble later in the year.

Be aware, Dcc supplies, or Mr.Soundguy as it is, have not recieved very good reviews.
I have a Mr.Soundguy class 33 and its very poor.
Dcc supplies I have very good experiences of and their base reflex sound speakers are very good in some models.

334 Posts
QUOTE (Doug @ 1 Feb 2008, 19:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Both SWD and Bachmann use ESU Loksound - right?

It will be just a matter of getting the sounds. Loksound have all the sounds for download. I'm sure that if someone adds a Deltic, it won't be restricted.

Not so Doug, Bachmans sound are on loksound decoders, but nothing to do with loksound so the only way you will be able to get the sounds uploaded is via SWD. As I said, buy the loksound decoder from Swd and when the deltic is available I am sure they will soert out a download for you.
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