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QUOTE (Doug @ 1 Feb 2008, 17:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What existing Loksound decoder sound provides a scale sound of a twin eighteen-cylinder 3300 bhp Deltic?

OK, I assume that there isn't anything on the market specifically for the Deltic, but what exists that is the most similar?

At present, nothing that I am aware of. Two problems with the Deltic. The engine was a fast running type and sounded more like a piston prop aero engine - think something like a Merlin, but with a quite hard metallic ring to it - with sharp peaks in output occuring over a broad bandwidth, and loud with it. Then there was the little matter of there being two engines, leading to a whole range of beats. It was the most wonderful thing: the machine could simultaneously beat in the mid band doing a fast flutter, a police siren 'wa-wa', and also right down in deep bass 15 to 25Hz, exciting the body side panels. Put that in Kings Cross or York trainshed, and it could excite the whole airmass just like a cathedral organ. The pull away was very distinctive, as one engine was revved up to get the train moving, with the second on idle; then once the train was moving, first engine was eased back, second was brought up to matching revs. (This was to avoid an over-current trip out.) Out on the line you could hear them for miles in still frosty weather especially, and there was Doppler effect to add to the aural fun as they raced past.

Bachmann have a project to get the sound for their models, and I wish them well with the challenge this machine presents, but doubt they will be able to get more than a vague impression of the real thing.
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