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Sound help needed please

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Does anyone know of a sound chip for the English Electric 4srkt? I'm getting a "Thumper" set from Southern Pride models, and I fancied adding a nice thump to my layouts noise.

Any ideas?

Ta in anticipation.
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Please permit me to hijack this thread and ask a similar question.

What existing Loksound decoder sound provides a scale sound of a twin eighteen-cylinder 3300 bhp Deltic?

OK, I assume that there isn't anything on the market specifically for the Deltic, but what exists that is the most similar? I may update the sound later if a better one becomes available - that's why I'm looking at Loksound.

These is a list from DCC Supplies:

BR 01 (52406)
BR 03 (52407)
BR 18, s 3/6 (52405)
BR 23 (52408)
BR 38, P8 (52404)
BR 50, NMBS-SNCB type 25 (52410)
Diesel: Universal (52433)
Diesel:Euro Class 59/66 (82420)
DMU :VT 628 (52441)
Electric: Eurosprinter (52486)
Electric: ICE (52467)
Electric: Universal DB E40 (52461)
Steam 2 Cylinder Loco (52401)
Steam: 2/4 cylinder loco. (52403)
Steam: 3 cylinder loco. (52402)
Steam: 3 cylinder loco. (52402)
Steam: Universal US (Big Boy, Mikado, Etc.) (52411)
Steam:Mogual (82452)
Ten Wheeler, Mountain Hudson. (52412)
Universal US-Diesel F 7 (52436)

Other references on the Loksound site:
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Both SWD and Bachmann use ESU Loksound - right?

It will be just a matter of getting the sounds. Loksound have all the sounds for download. I'm sure that if someone adds a Deltic, it won't be restricted.

BTW, I have a project to produce some SA Garratt sounds. Yes, I have the sounds! I just need the decoders and the programmer.... and then to build the Garratt
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