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Sound in a Hornby Black Five by DCC Concepts

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A couple of weeks ago I sent a Hornby Black Five over to DCC Concepts in Perth, Western Australia. Well the little darling came back from Richard yesterday after he had worked his magic and after a brief test, It arrived at 4.00Pm and I leave for work at 6.00pm, all I can say it's magic. As I have done plenty installs of decoders this was something new for me, to actually send a loco to someone else to have the work done. Richard has put a fair bit of effort into this and the result is superb. The loco now has a head lamps denoting a freight loco, firebox lighting effect that dances and flickers as the fireman chucks a few shovelfuls into the fire box, simulated wheel slip, brake squeal and then I run out of time. I'll have to get a small camcorder and do a few you tube type vids to let everyone appreciate the sound of a Black Five in the garage

I'll post more when I get more time

I have Brit to all set to go.

Charles Emerson
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Mornin' Charles, and Happy New Year!
I just wondered if you were now able to post a longer video clip of that Black 5 yet. If so you could use YouTube, ( ignoring the knockers of this media ).Youtube allow up to 10 mins duration for user uploads.
Reason I ask is that I've got at least 3 more to build and I'm looking for a bit of variance within the Stanier bracket, different use of hooter etc. It would be great to hear all the functions and whether they are random, assigned to a function, is the long crow playable or fixed duration, etc. Does it feature wagon buffer clash, as Howes does?
Thanks indeed for a speedy response!
The three that I know I'll need are one more piston valve and two caprotti poppet valve versions, (which I gather had a sharper exhaust bark than normal ) . I'll compile my needs and get back to you in due course.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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