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sound systems; Railrider, Chrise,Doug

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rail rider. Chrise, Doug,

One of you suggested a new topic for this.

From what you are all saying and writing specs for such a system exits.

I know very little about it and have only just down loaded the manual; repeat i am not using it yet! In ten minutes you will know as much as me.

Rail Road and co have just released a sound system that works with your computer and soundblaster card. From what I can see you have multi speakers around your layout. Cambrige 5:1?

Sounds amazing!

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Do you have a link? My search engine does ot find it.
Railroad & Co Sound System
I swiftly popped up the link for reference and will read about it more fully later - it certainly looks interesting.

This appears to be a German Company, though worry not, the link leads to the English language section.

Many thanks to the bender of voles for finding it!
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Yes sorry about not putting a link in.

As I said I have only started to look a the sound system. But it does all that you asked and more!

see: Rail Road and Co - 4D Sound module in the link provided above.

I have been reading the large RailRoad and Co 'Train Controller' users guide for the last year or so! And have designed my dcc system around my basic understanding of this bible. I am putting the finishing touches to the wiring today. Sound lies in the future I hope.

This Computer Control system Train Controller is very highly regarged. And if you like the 4D Sound module then you better start planning now.

The company is German but actually functions in English as well. See Railroad and Co- Forum.

It is very easy to talk to the designer himself - Jurgen the German - It is a little like having Bill Gates answer you e-mails to Microsoft!


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Looks interesting. I'm going to try it out. It needs a 5.1 or 7.1 output from the sound card.

Just as I'm about to change my layout from island to walkaround...
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Dam, I only have a 4:1 set of speakers and a Sound Blaster Live.

Have you already installed RRandC Train Controller, My quick scan read leads me to think you have to have it running?

Thanks for the link. It looks interesting but I am not sure how convincing it will be. I need persuading that it will acoustically "locate" the trains adequately for the sound to come like it is coming from the train & I wonder if it will be subtle enough not to become annoying. We will see and at the price of a trial it is certainly worth a look if you are set up to use it!

Are all sound samples as short as these and endlessly repeated.

How many sounds can this cope with at once I wonder. If for example you have 4 locos running will it mix the sounds for them all?

I am not sure how it will cope with inertia, differing speed and differing throttle settings. I have read what it says in the manual but I would like user comments. So many questions so few answers!

If any of you are going to try this & compare with the South West Digital sound equipped locos it would be very interesting to get comparative thoughts.

Please keep us informed.
This may be just the ticket for my N-Scale Empire since most of my locomotives are too small for sound. I like the computer interface as well.
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